Tips to sell your house before the neighbor

If the apartment is located in large capitals then the term falls to six months. But it is possible to sell it before four months if it has an adequate price, if it is renovated or if the environment of the house is neutral and does not have very personal elements.

A common mistake is to lower the price again and again as the months go by and the house cannot be sold. Tips to sell the house in less than 120 days:

Make sure you have the most relevant documentation for the sale of the home. “Sometimes operations have been lost or complicated because at the time of signing, the deeds did not appear” .

Take time to select a good real estate agent. With one is enough, but make sure it is the one that best represents your interests throughout the process.

Request a comparative analysis of the market to help you assess your home. In many cases, the customer goes to the real estate agency with a preconceived idea of ​​how much your home can be worth. Also in many cases the agent does not take him out of his mistake by not losing the operation. The result can be summarized in time and money wasted for not focusing the operation well.

Share your forecasts of time to sell with your agent, and let yourself be advised on the most suitable price strategy for your future plans.

Ask your agent to explain your marketing plan. What are you going to do to sell your apartment? This is one of the most important issues. Who better than the owner to describe how the sun comes in the morning or the smell of fresh grass at night?

Decide, together with your agent, the improvements to be made: repair defects, tune bathrooms and kitchen, ensure good lighting, paint. “It is proven that the customer values ​​the improvements 25% above their actual cost.”

Request an invoice and keep a record: of all the money invested in the improvement expenses. You can deduct it from the taxes on the profits from the sale.

Neutralize the environment: Learn from the big builders. The client should feel as if he were visiting a pilot-floor. Outside decorative objects, packages or personal effects in the bathrooms.

Stay home during visits. Potential buyers will feel more comfortable being able to walk freely around your home and talking freely with your real estate agent.

Request permanent information on the evolution of the process.