8 reasons why you should work with a real estate agent

Building a heritage is a significant step in the life of every person, this is when the important work of the real estate agent comes into play, whose function goes beyond finding the buyer or tenant: he is the one who advises both parties, working as a link between them, allowing a much more comfortable transaction for all.

If you hesitate to hire the services of a real estate agent, remember that it is your property and you have invested time, money and effort, and not having professional advice is to neglect it and risk the investment.

Shoemaker to his shoes

Just like when you get sick you go to the doctor, or when you have to pay taxes you support yourself at the counter, the real estate agent is the real estate transaction specialist. He is the one who knows the best selling and leasing strategies, being a person who is up to date in legal matters when trying to buy / sell / lease a property.

The time is gold

Of course you could manage the sale or lease of your property on your own, but inexperience can charge you the bill in terms of time and costs. In addition, you can only devote a fraction of your time to promote and show the property, while the agent is dedicated to that.

Advertising channels

Managing the correct promotion of your property can be an overwhelming task for newbies; web portals, classified ads in newspapers, real estate fairs … real estate agents have the expertise and adequate access to resources that allows them to achieve a proper promotion of the property, reaching the best profiling buyer to make the transaction.

Evaluate your property

While we would all like to get the most out of our property, we often do not assign the right value to it. The memories that house the four walls of our house or apartment, or a simple ignorance of the real estate dynamics can play against us. The real estate agent is who knows how to assign a competitive price to the property without compromising your investment.

Lighten up the documentation

When closing a transaction, either for sale or lease, you will need the support of several specialists. A real estate agent is the right person to manage the documentation before notaries, insurers, banks and other public or private entities, including the drafting of lease agreements and purchase-sale contracts.

Large portfolio of brochures

While a person who has the sale or lease of their property on their own will contact a small number of people, a real estate agent, who usually manages several properties in their portfolio, has many more potential customers. If a house or apartment does not work for a contact, it will look for a way to find the ideal property for him.

And a network of contacts

Many agents usually work independently; however, they usually establish real estate networks among them, where they sometimes recommend real estate and clients. Something similar happens in real estate agencies or franchises, where there is also a customer service that is an excellent added value to the service offered by the real estate agent.

The value of your property

If you have trouble calculating the price of the property you wish to sell or lease, the real estate agent is the right person to help you with this. He is the one who knows the prices of the market and the dynamics of it, which will make it easier to assign a price that allows your property to have a competitive price without reducing your profit.

Consider that in addition, whether as a seller or buyer, you must pay taxes and notarial fees.