Basic tips for selling your house

Although the real estate market had been quite stagnant in recent years, it has recently picked up and has grown at a pace not seen for more than a decade. However, doing so is not as simple as you think. There are sellers who believe that their house is perfect and that the buyers will want it just as they see it in their day to day, when this is not the case. Buyers will detail every room of the house and will want to be reflected in it. So that you do not make this and other mistakes, we bring you the following tips to sell your house.

Repair, organize and clean!

You must bear in mind that if your house has damaged pipes, the air conditioning or heating does not work or the carpet is old and worn, it decreases its value considerably. If you want to obtain a good profit from the sale of your property, it is recommended that you start repairing the things that you think may revalue it three or six months before. Among the tasks you must take into account are: paint the house, repair the furniture, improve lighting, both natural and artificial, etc.

The next step is to organize, collect and clean. You have to keep in mind that your property will go unknown because they want to live in it, they want to see themselves there. So, collect all personal items, photos, pictures, books, diplomas, among others. Organize the clothes in the cabinets, the kitchen cabinets, because the buyers will want to see all the parts of the house. Particularly in the kitchen and bathrooms you should do a deeper cleaning.

Advise yourself

A real estate agent has the contacts that can buy your house. It will help you to establish the real price of the house, since it has access to the information of many houses for sale (maybe similar to yours). It will be who shows your house and deals with customers, highlighting with great expertise the positive aspects of the place. If you are someone who does not have time to receive and assist each of the potential buyers, this type of advice will come in handy. With the assistance of a real estate agent you will not even have to deal with difficult visitors (if there are any), as this will take care of them all, always watching over your interests. In addition, you can also lend a hand in any legal aspect of the sale.