Tips to sell a home

Selling a house is not always a simple task, since you have to take care of many aspects and details. For that reason, we want to give you some tips to sell a house in the most comfortable way.

The real estate market is in a better time than a few years ago, that is undeniable. However, the buyer also receives more and better offers when deciding. Both on the part of the real estate agencies and of the different real estate purchase portals, the housing offer has never been so extensive.

Selling a house is completely possible today if you follow the advice to sell a house that we give you in this post.

Real estate or on my own?

This must be the first doubt that you have when selling your house. Doing it on your own is a saving in some cases. In spite of this, it is convenient that you consider how much it costs to sell a house and the possibility that it does not compensate you to do everything alone.

Although most real estate agencies in the province are traditional, there are new real estate agencies with low commissions.

Analyze the market to sell a home

In the real estate world, the price is not fixed by you but by the market. Being aware of “what’s going on” around you and the costs of the square meter in homes similar to yours will help you set a good price. This is what is known as “witnesses”, properties of more or less the same characteristics in the same area that tell you what your price may have.

How to do this quickly? You just have to enter any of the most known portals and look for homes with the same characteristics and similar location. Then, set the average price of the square meter and, from there, calculate the cost of your home.

As an extra tip, if your house is well exposed on the internet but nobody calls, it is an indication that the price is too high. On the other hand, if many are interested in housing but not enough to buy, it means that you have to work more in the aspect of it.

Have it all the rule

Selling a home requires a series of documents and procedures. For a buyer, the most comfortable thing is not having to wait until you fill a lot of paperwork with the bank, the Treasury, the town hall … For that reason, the more you can get ahead, the better.

Having, for example, a home with a mortgage to sell is not an impossible task, but it is always better to take everything agreed and up-to-date so that the client does not take any surprise.

Housing enters through the eyes

The purchase of a house is, after all, a commercial transaction. As such, the product (your home) has to enter through the eyes. Even if you offer the best price and are in a convenient location for your buyer, how the house looks is always an incentive.

For that reason, you should take care of the details to the maximum. It is mandatory to have the house clean and tidy when receiving customers. You also have to make good pictures to make it much more attractive.

It’s not personal, just business

A house full of paintings, communion pictures, memories or collections can throw back more than one buyer. Although that collection of porcelain dolls in the room may seem the best in the world, keep in mind that not everyone has to like it. For this reason, depersonalizing your home to the maximum is a good practice when trying to sell it.

There is in real estate marketing the strategy of home staging, which is nothing more than offering a neutral space that everyone likes. This technique will make your home a pleasant place for everyone and will make it much easier to sell your home.

To sell a home, it is best to reform

Reforming a home is one of the best investments when it comes to selling it. Normally, even if it involves a considerable initial cost (depending on the state of the house), the return on investment is worth it, since this can be up to 5 times more than the cost.

Nobody likes to buy an unpainted house, with mold on the walls or with an old and neglected floor. And with flaws already, let’s not talk. Unless you have a customer with a handyman, offering a completely renovated house will earn you potential buyers and allow you to raise the price.

Internet your great ally

Today, the internet has become a showcase to the world. So much so, that virtually what is not uploaded to the network, does not exist. For that reason, to sell a home you must have it published in several buying and selling portals.

The accompaniment of some good photographs together with all the available information (what’s nearby, transport connections, meters, and the energy efficiency of the house …) will allow you to have many more calls. Spend an afternoon posting your ad on several portals may seem a priori a tedious job, but usually reward (and quite) in the number of calls you receive.