Steps to follow to buy or sell a property

Find a real estate agent you trust, it will save you time and money. They have a wide portfolio of properties and clients, they know the market prices, and they help you with the procedures and act as intermediaries between the buyer and the seller. You can also sell your property directly, which will require your dedication and time.

Final offer.

Once you have found the desired property, the real estate agent (or you) will negotiate with the owners your offer on the property and you will probably receive a counter offer, until reaching a convenient figure for both. The agent is a neutral intermediary. His interest is that the negotiation culminates successfully and must take it to a mid-point in which they benefit both: buyer and seller.

The delivery of Property Keys.

The Minute of Purchase is brought before a notary to certify the payments and elevate it to Public Deed. At the moment of signing the deed, the total price of the transaction is canceled, upon delivery, by the seller, of all receipts paid up to that date, such as electricity and water, and telephone and maintenance, if applicable; also the municipal taxes canceled until the moment of the transaction and the property tax for the full year. At that time the keys are delivered to the new owner.

Real estate agent’s fees.

The real estate agent’s fees or commission correspond to the seller and are based on a percentage of the sale value of the property, currently it is at least approx. 3%.