Tips to sell your house easily

Selling a property is not a simple task, but neither is it impossible. There are different factors that can affect the speed with which this is achieved and, for your luck, not all are related to the characteristics of your home or department, since with a simple sales strategy you can get the process to attract potential buyers faster and, finally, to finalize the sale.

If you already took the first step of deciding to sell your property, then you can find six practical tips that will help you sell it faster and easier. Take note!

Take advantage of digital media to publish the sale

Many people offer their properties using print media, and although it is not a bad strategy, compared to digital media, they have less scope.

To sell your property faster, you will need an advertising strategy that allows you to get your ad to as many people as possible. In this sense, digital media is a key tool. Instragram, for example, is very useful to show images of your house or department with small descriptions; and on Facebook, you can create a publication with some photos and pertinent information, in addition, you can join groups of buying and selling homes. On the other hand, you can also publish your property in different portals or platforms dedicated to real estate.

Create an attractive and sincere ad

Your efforts will be useless for your ad to reach various people if the content is not attractive. As you know, we are exposed to different sources of information at every moment, so it is necessary to highlight your notice in order to attract the attention of the potential buyer.

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account aspects that help create a global idea of ​​the property, such as including images and technical details of the property that generate confidence. An attractive advertisement highlights the positive aspects of housing and also the benefits of acquiring it, for example, it can be mentioned if the house is near supermarkets or schools, if it is easily accessible, among other factors. It is important that you do not give rise to exaggerations or false expectations.

Be as specific as possible with the information you deliver

An ad with vague and unspecific information does not help satisfy the search of people interested in buying a property, since they are based on details to make decisions. Considering this, the announcement must be very clear and concise, with a meticulous level of detail. For example: the specific location of the property, its interior characteristics such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, mention if the living and dining room are together, the dimensions of the land, construction materials, arrangements or modifications that have been made recently, among others.

Look after the quality of the ad images

The images have to be part of the support of the announcement that we are going to publish. People want to complement the technical information with the images of the property, since they give a real impression of the characteristics of the house or department.

It is important that the image is of high quality so that the details can be clearly appreciated. In addition, lighting and angles that highlight the exterior and interior design of the home for sale should be considered.

When you take the pictures, it is important that everything looks clean and tidy. It is also convenient to decorate the house in a neutral style so that those who see them can imagine living there.

Set a price according to the market

If you do not know the price that your house should have, it is possible that the overvalue, which could delay its sale. For this reason, it is convenient to carry out an appraisal. You can also search for the prices of similar properties that are in the area. Consulting with experts in the field or advising you with a property broker will also allow you to define a price adjusted to reality and framed in competition prices

Remember that housing will be affected by its price depending on the location, access and the elements that surround it, among other factors.

Keep administrative aspects in order

Putting the documents of the house in order is a task that can take a considerable time, that is why anticipate to resolve this issue prior to the completion of the sale will save many inconveniences. Among the documentation to be updated, we can mention for example, the registration of the property, the registration of mortgage and liens, certificate of payment of common expenses, etc.

As you can see, the sale does not completely depend on the conditions and characteristics of the property. Following all these recommendations, you will be closer to selling your home quickly and easily.

Tips to sell a home

Selling a house is not always a simple task, since you have to take care of many aspects and details. For that reason, we want to give you some tips to sell a house in the most comfortable way.

The real estate market is in a better time than a few years ago, that is undeniable. However, the buyer also receives more and better offers when deciding. Both on the part of the real estate agencies and of the different real estate purchase portals, the housing offer has never been so extensive.

Selling a house is completely possible today if you follow the advice to sell a house that we give you in this post.

Real estate or on my own?

This must be the first doubt that you have when selling your house. Doing it on your own is a saving in some cases. In spite of this, it is convenient that you consider how much it costs to sell a house and the possibility that it does not compensate you to do everything alone.

Although most real estate agencies in the province are traditional, there are new real estate agencies with low commissions.

Analyze the market to sell a home

In the real estate world, the price is not fixed by you but by the market. Being aware of “what’s going on” around you and the costs of the square meter in homes similar to yours will help you set a good price. This is what is known as “witnesses”, properties of more or less the same characteristics in the same area that tell you what your price may have.

How to do this quickly? You just have to enter any of the most known portals and look for homes with the same characteristics and similar location. Then, set the average price of the square meter and, from there, calculate the cost of your home.

As an extra tip, if your house is well exposed on the internet but nobody calls, it is an indication that the price is too high. On the other hand, if many are interested in housing but not enough to buy, it means that you have to work more in the aspect of it.

Have it all the rule

Selling a home requires a series of documents and procedures. For a buyer, the most comfortable thing is not having to wait until you fill a lot of paperwork with the bank, the Treasury, the town hall … For that reason, the more you can get ahead, the better.

Having, for example, a home with a mortgage to sell is not an impossible task, but it is always better to take everything agreed and up-to-date so that the client does not take any surprise.

Housing enters through the eyes

The purchase of a house is, after all, a commercial transaction. As such, the product (your home) has to enter through the eyes. Even if you offer the best price and are in a convenient location for your buyer, how the house looks is always an incentive.

For that reason, you should take care of the details to the maximum. It is mandatory to have the house clean and tidy when receiving customers. You also have to make good pictures to make it much more attractive.

It’s not personal, just business

A house full of paintings, communion pictures, memories or collections can throw back more than one buyer. Although that collection of porcelain dolls in the room may seem the best in the world, keep in mind that not everyone has to like it. For this reason, depersonalizing your home to the maximum is a good practice when trying to sell it.

There is in real estate marketing the strategy of home staging, which is nothing more than offering a neutral space that everyone likes. This technique will make your home a pleasant place for everyone and will make it much easier to sell your home.

To sell a home, it is best to reform

Reforming a home is one of the best investments when it comes to selling it. Normally, even if it involves a considerable initial cost (depending on the state of the house), the return on investment is worth it, since this can be up to 5 times more than the cost.

Nobody likes to buy an unpainted house, with mold on the walls or with an old and neglected floor. And with flaws already, let’s not talk. Unless you have a customer with a handyman, offering a completely renovated house will earn you potential buyers and allow you to raise the price.

Internet your great ally

Today, the internet has become a showcase to the world. So much so, that virtually what is not uploaded to the network, does not exist. For that reason, to sell a home you must have it published in several buying and selling portals.

The accompaniment of some good photographs together with all the available information (what’s nearby, transport connections, meters, and the energy efficiency of the house …) will allow you to have many more calls. Spend an afternoon posting your ad on several portals may seem a priori a tedious job, but usually reward (and quite) in the number of calls you receive.

8 reasons why you should work with a real estate agent

Building a heritage is a significant step in the life of every person, this is when the important work of the real estate agent comes into play, whose function goes beyond finding the buyer or tenant: he is the one who advises both parties, working as a link between them, allowing a much more comfortable transaction for all.

If you hesitate to hire the services of a real estate agent, remember that it is your property and you have invested time, money and effort, and not having professional advice is to neglect it and risk the investment.

Shoemaker to his shoes

Just like when you get sick you go to the doctor, or when you have to pay taxes you support yourself at the counter, the real estate agent is the real estate transaction specialist. He is the one who knows the best selling and leasing strategies, being a person who is up to date in legal matters when trying to buy / sell / lease a property.

The time is gold

Of course you could manage the sale or lease of your property on your own, but inexperience can charge you the bill in terms of time and costs. In addition, you can only devote a fraction of your time to promote and show the property, while the agent is dedicated to that.

Advertising channels

Managing the correct promotion of your property can be an overwhelming task for newbies; web portals, classified ads in newspapers, real estate fairs … real estate agents have the expertise and adequate access to resources that allows them to achieve a proper promotion of the property, reaching the best profiling buyer to make the transaction.

Evaluate your property

While we would all like to get the most out of our property, we often do not assign the right value to it. The memories that house the four walls of our house or apartment, or a simple ignorance of the real estate dynamics can play against us. The real estate agent is who knows how to assign a competitive price to the property without compromising your investment.

Lighten up the documentation

When closing a transaction, either for sale or lease, you will need the support of several specialists. A real estate agent is the right person to manage the documentation before notaries, insurers, banks and other public or private entities, including the drafting of lease agreements and purchase-sale contracts.

Large portfolio of brochures

While a person who has the sale or lease of their property on their own will contact a small number of people, a real estate agent, who usually manages several properties in their portfolio, has many more potential customers. If a house or apartment does not work for a contact, it will look for a way to find the ideal property for him.

And a network of contacts

Many agents usually work independently; however, they usually establish real estate networks among them, where they sometimes recommend real estate and clients. Something similar happens in real estate agencies or franchises, where there is also a customer service that is an excellent added value to the service offered by the real estate agent.

The value of your property

If you have trouble calculating the price of the property you wish to sell or lease, the real estate agent is the right person to help you with this. He is the one who knows the prices of the market and the dynamics of it, which will make it easier to assign a price that allows your property to have a competitive price without reducing your profit.

Consider that in addition, whether as a seller or buyer, you must pay taxes and notarial fees.

8 advantages and disadvantages of hotel real estate investment

When a real estate investor assesses whether it is profitable to buy a hotel, it is very likely that he will value it in relation to other properties such as tourist apartments, commercial premises or office blocks. In this regard, it is worth highlighting the following 8 pros and cons of the hotel purchase. Let’s start with the disadvantages.


  • High minimum capital. The main disadvantage with respect to other types of properties is that in principle the minimum to be able to invest is much higher than the purchase of a home or a commercial establishment. As of 2016, the minimum capital to buy a hotel is half a million euros and it is for small businesses in rural areas.
  • Unawareness of the sector. Many real estate investors do not have important knowledge about the tourism business and that is always a handicap when it comes to buying, because you can buy overvalued assets or pass up good opportunities.
  • Double risk. A hotel is linked to the fact that two sectors are real estate and tourism. That means more risk because either of them can make the price of the hotel fall if financial bubbles are created and punctured.
  • Reduced purchase-sale market. Transactions on commercial real estate and homes are very frequent and there is a large pool of potential buyers, but in a hotel the same thing does not happen. If the area of ​​the hotel or your business are not very good it will be difficult to have several offers for it.


  • Stability of the income. Because the leases are long term, at least 10 years. This allows fixed and stable incomes provided that the operator can continue their activity, so it is also important to seek a fair agreement for both. This is one of its biggest advantages since you can get a large amount of income in a simple way that simplifies the management of the property that involves being the owner of multiple apartments for rent.
  • They have their own economic cycle. The investment cycles and price rises of the hotel sector do not coincide with that of housing. Tourism is not affected so intensely by local economic crises and can be a very profitable niche while the real estate sector falls, being able to become a good refuge for money. This allows it to be a niche in which it is possible to continue investing when the crisis affects the value of the home or commercial premises. A big advantage.
  • It is an expandable business. Although it is not the most desirable, there is the possibility to stop being a pure investor, to go on to operate the business as a hotelier, being able to outsource the management of the personnel in a professional of the sector.
  • Hotel revaluation by regulation of the sector. One of the trends for the future should be to bet on sustainable tourism and that means putting a limit on the licenses of this type of business. One effect of the greater regulation of the sector is that the price of hotels and accommodation is increased because they have a license to carry out economic activity. This effect must be added to the property trend of the moment in the center of a city is usually upward.

Steps to follow to buy or sell a property

Find a real estate agent you trust, it will save you time and money. They have a wide portfolio of properties and clients, they know the market prices, and they help you with the procedures and act as intermediaries between the buyer and the seller. You can also sell your property directly, which will require your dedication and time.

Final offer.

Once you have found the desired property, the real estate agent (or you) will negotiate with the owners your offer on the property and you will probably receive a counter offer, until reaching a convenient figure for both. The agent is a neutral intermediary. His interest is that the negotiation culminates successfully and must take it to a mid-point in which they benefit both: buyer and seller.

The delivery of Property Keys.

The Minute of Purchase is brought before a notary to certify the payments and elevate it to Public Deed. At the moment of signing the deed, the total price of the transaction is canceled, upon delivery, by the seller, of all receipts paid up to that date, such as electricity and water, and telephone and maintenance, if applicable; also the municipal taxes canceled until the moment of the transaction and the property tax for the full year. At that time the keys are delivered to the new owner.

Real estate agent’s fees.

The real estate agent’s fees or commission correspond to the seller and are based on a percentage of the sale value of the property, currently it is at least approx. 3%.

8 Tips to sell your house faster

But how do you handle that? How do you ensure that your home is found? And then again in the taste afterwards? In this article we give 8 tips for selling your home.

You deepen in the housing market

Do you know how many house seekers are in your municipality? And how many homes have been sold in the last 12 months? What is the average sales price? And to which homes the most demand is?

There are many interesting figures that can help you with the image of the current housing market in your municipality. Look for these figures online. If you immerse yourself in the housing market, you also know what you can expect during the sales process.

Make sure your home is seen

Before you can think about the viewings of your home, it is important to bring your home to the attention of potential buyers. The broker places your property on sales sites, advertises in local newspapers and presents your home on social media. You can also play an important role in advertising yourself. It is important that your message reaches as many people as possible. Ask friends and family to share your message on Social Media.

Extra tip: the asking price of your home is also an important factor. Do you want your home to be seen? Make sure it falls into the right price range.

Do not forget the first impression

The first impression of your home starts on arrival. Potential buyers are waiting for the house for a while. Is your garden badly maintained? Then you are soon with one point behind. Green fingers are not necessary for your garden to look neat. Make sure your garden is tidy. Is there outdoor furniture? Make sure it looks clean and fresh. Buy a plant for on the table or fill the flower boxes. Is there a little weed in the garden? Or moss between the tiles? Then remove it. It is a small effort, but can make a big difference.

Create a calm atmosphere

Upon receipt by the broker, potential buyers will enter your home. Again, it is important that everything looks neat and clean. Do you have a coat rack? Make sure that it is not completely full of jackets. Try to get personal belongings out of sight as much as possible. Put a bunch of flowers on the table and fill the fruit bowl with fresh fruit.

 Extra tip: Also look at leaflets or websites with residential ideas. The rooms have a quiet and warm atmosphere. Houses where you could actually draw in.

Prepare yourself. What will be taken into account?

Will someone visit your home? Then there is a good chance that he or she has prepared well for it. Potential buyers often get the advice to also pay attention to the small things. Are the faucets running well? Can the windows be opened? By preparing yourself for these kinds of questions, you can remove these negative impressions in advance. A new hinge or a drop of oil can make the viewing run smoother. Search online for tips for viewing a home. If you know what the viewer will pay attention to, you also know how to make a good impression.

Give space

Someone is interested in your home. The appointment has been made. You have cleaned up your garden and house and there are fresh flowers on the table. Can you actually do more? Yes, that’s possible. Give potential buyers space. Are you being accompanied by a real estate agent during the sales process? Make sure that you are not present yourself. A viewer will feel less at ease if you watch and listen as an owner.

Ask for feedback

The chance that the first viewer wants to buy the house from you is not too big of course. There will be viewers who decide not to buy your house. In that case you can achieve a lot by asking about the reason for this decision. What is the reason they do not want to buy your home? Perhaps this decision is caused by points that you can fix relatively easily. Do you solve these ‘problems’? Then that increases your chances with the following viewers.

Find a broker that suits you

The sale of your property is an important financial decision. At nemassdeboer we understand that buying or selling a home is accompanied by many emotional, financial and legal issues. We strive for the best result based on a personal and pro-active approach.

10 tips to sell your house quickly

The real estate market has rebounded in the last year and the demand for housing has been increased, so if you were planning to sell your house, you are in a good moment!

The second-hand housing is an option for many people who are waiting to acquire a property, so we tell you a few tricks to groom it, give it a good presence and convince of that sale.

Thorough cleaning and show order

The cleaning of the cabin is fundamental. If a buyer enters a shiny space, that smells good and that is ordered, he will be comfortable and visually his impression will be positive.

It is interesting that the decorations have an impersonal style, that is, objects such as frames with photos and others can convey a feeling that the house is still inhabited: what interests us is that the buyer understands the house as if it were brand new.

Having a plant or colorful flowers during the visits of buyers gives a sense of life, tranquility and joy.

Increase lighting and natural light

The windows must be open and you have to check that they open and close perfectly, as well as the blinds system. Light is an element that is often highly valued when deciding on one or another home. They can be left free of curtains, but if we want to achieve greater clarity it is important that they are of clear and semitransparent colors.

Remove old furniture

Things that are very old or that have become obsolete do not offer a good image, it is better to remove them and not have furniture that is worn or looks bad. On the other hand, if they are in good condition they can always be recycled and give them a new air by resorting to painting and making small repairs, for example changing the handles or locks…

Brighten the floor

We could include it in the cleaning section. The tile is easy to clean and should be perfect. In case of wooden floors if it appears uncorked or without brightness we can always polish and varnish again. It is a much more laborious process but it will leave a perfect finish, as if it were new.

Equip the kitchen and bathroom

Both spaces must have the necessary elements to offer a complete service. The tiles can be completely remodeled by applying a specialized paint for this material, as well as bleaching the joints with a marker for them.

The furniture we can assess if it makes up for us to make a small investment and improve what is available, because the houses that are reformed always increase their market value. By improving the kitchen and bathroom we can always achieve a better negotiation on the price and attract many more interested in buying the house.

Take care of the appearance of the garden and outdoors:

The lawn should be well cut, the porch and entrance clean and tidy. It is good to add something like a new doormat, an umbrella stand or a coat rack that looks beautiful. The little details always add up!


Those walls that have suffered humidity, are frosted or perhaps with a paper coating damaged by the passage of time should give them a new hand. The black patches and other condensation problems are an incentive to rule out a possibility of purchase.

Advertise on various second-hand pages and real estate portals:

The more visibility our advertisement has, the more likely we will be able to reach and receive more calls. Knowing in Google those portals that have more traffic and a better SEO positioning will take us to place our offer in the best sites, facilitating the sale of our home.

It is important that the photos we upload are already a positive claim. Avoid photos of mobile phones that do not have good light and resolution. The frames should be made from angles that can give room width and depth.

ABC to invest in real estate

Owning a property should not be synonymous with receiving a monthly rent from your tenant. Real estate investments can generate great returns if you move away from traditional approaches, which are able to generate wealth, but are far from being highly profitable.

Money has to be in motion and evaluated against other investment alternatives, specialists recommend. The sale decision must be clear, there is no need to “get attached” to the assets and we have to reinvest.

A real estate must be measured against other financial instruments. If you are giving less than the bank, you sell it and you buy another that generates more.

Real estate investments must be seen as any financial action: It is just like with stocks you have to sell when they are up, because it is false that real estate never loses its value, just as in the stock market, there are also cycles in the real estate.

That’s why the secret is to rent and, when it reaches surplus value, to sell.

Here are 10 considerations to boost your real estate business:

  1. The best opportunities are not promoted in the media or traditional channels, they are in banks that seized debtors, portfolio managers, owners or real estate brokers who do not know the potential of their property.
  2. Sometimes it is advisable to hire a real estate broker with good information because you pay the commission of 5%.
  3. To get the most out of the investment, you have to know when to sell, according to experts, the properties are recycled every so often.
  4. Since you buy, set a price goal that you want to reach, so you’ll know when it’s time to sell.
  5. Try to find the property with the least possible intermediaries or previous buyers, since the profit of each one is an additional cost for the last client.
  6. In all the states of the Republic there are good opportunities. In cities with industrial development there are more properties, but in small places there is a more interesting offer because there are fewer buyers.
  7. Times of crisis are usually opportune moments to buy.
  8. If you do not have capital to buy you can enter real estate investments if you are interested in detecting interesting properties and charging commission to private clients or real estate brokers.
  9. Applying for a loan to buy a real estate and that is paid with the income is not a bad idea only if the corresponding financial runs are made, the required return rates are calculated and if the appropriate credit is chosen.
  10. To invest it is recommended to make a pre-contract of income and against this request a loan with real guarantee, which although it is more expensive than a mortgage, has the advantage that the loan is not given against the payment capacity of the applicant, but studying the cash flow of the investment.

Tips to sell your house before the neighbor

If the apartment is located in large capitals then the term falls to six months. But it is possible to sell it before four months if it has an adequate price, if it is renovated or if the environment of the house is neutral and does not have very personal elements.

A common mistake is to lower the price again and again as the months go by and the house cannot be sold. Tips to sell the house in less than 120 days:

Make sure you have the most relevant documentation for the sale of the home. “Sometimes operations have been lost or complicated because at the time of signing, the deeds did not appear” .

Take time to select a good real estate agent. With one is enough, but make sure it is the one that best represents your interests throughout the process.

Request a comparative analysis of the market to help you assess your home. In many cases, the customer goes to the real estate agency with a preconceived idea of ​​how much your home can be worth. Also in many cases the agent does not take him out of his mistake by not losing the operation. The result can be summarized in time and money wasted for not focusing the operation well.

Share your forecasts of time to sell with your agent, and let yourself be advised on the most suitable price strategy for your future plans.

Ask your agent to explain your marketing plan. What are you going to do to sell your apartment? This is one of the most important issues. Who better than the owner to describe how the sun comes in the morning or the smell of fresh grass at night?

Decide, together with your agent, the improvements to be made: repair defects, tune bathrooms and kitchen, ensure good lighting, paint. “It is proven that the customer values ​​the improvements 25% above their actual cost.”

Request an invoice and keep a record: of all the money invested in the improvement expenses. You can deduct it from the taxes on the profits from the sale.

Neutralize the environment: Learn from the big builders. The client should feel as if he were visiting a pilot-floor. Outside decorative objects, packages or personal effects in the bathrooms.

Stay home during visits. Potential buyers will feel more comfortable being able to walk freely around your home and talking freely with your real estate agent.

Request permanent information on the evolution of the process.


Average salary of a real estate agent

It would not be possible to sell offices, hospitals, banks or factories so quickly without the help of real estate agents. These representatives coordinate the valuation of properties, develop advertising material, find suitable buyers and negotiate sales and leases. They usually work with high-income buyers who run their own businesses or wish to invest in properties. People who want to start an activity as real estate representatives must take several courses or educational programs. In compensation, the annual income that can be expected for their services is considerably higher than the average general income.

Salary and skills

According to Indeed site data, real estate representatives average an annual income of US $ 90,000 per year as of 2013. This is considerably more than the average general income in the US that is US $ 51,170, according to a report of the Secretariat of Labor Statistics. However, this information is more inclined towards the side of agents that market residential areas, which explains the wide variation. Most real estate agents have, at least, completed high school; they frequently receive certifications and licenses that accredit them professionally. More and more agencies require that their agents have university studies. Some of the desirable features in a real estate agent include being independent.

Salaries by area

The income of real estate agents can vary greatly within the major regions of the United States: Northeast, West, South and Center-West. The agents that are located in the Northeast, have an average income that ranges between US $ 80,000 and US $ 106,000 – the lowest amounts are presented in Pennsylvania and the highest in New York. In the West, they reached maximum figures of $ 99,000 in California and minimums of $ 64,000 in Hawaii. In the region that includes Louisiana and Mississippi, agents earned from US $ 76,000 to US $ 105,000, respectively. As for the Central-West region, they received US $ 70,000 in South Dakota and US $ 95,000 in Illinois, representing the largest and smallest amounts.

Influential factors

We can find numerous factors that influence the income of a real estate agent. Those with more experience often earn more, since they have developed certain skills, such as finding new potential customers or selling commercial properties. More experienced representatives are more likely to sell more expensive properties, which positively impacts their profits. The geographical area also influences, since the States of California and New York contain properties that are sold at higher prices. In this way, they earn higher commissions, which are usually determined based on the sale prices of the property.

Professional development

It is expected that the labor supply, both for commercial agents and for housing, grow by 11 percent between 2010 and 2020, according to the BLS, which represents a growth slightly lower than the 14 percent growth in labor demand. The economy marks the step in terms of job opportunities; Small business owners tend to grow or expand their businesses in growing economies. They need larger properties to house the employees they hire for this purpose. In the same way, corporates require larger locations when they have already exceeded the capacity of their current location.